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Playdate at Full Belly Farm

Full Belly Farm is no Disneyland. It is a busy organic farm with crops and sheep and dust and smelly chicken and warehouses and piles of cardboard boxes and cradles and dirt roads and loud engines. It is a demanding … Continue reading

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Organics 101 with Dr. Hans Herren

Is organic food just another fad? Why should we care? Flippant as they may seem, these questions are asked very seriously every day by a lot of people of all ages, economic backgrounds and political persuasions, from California to Quebec, … Continue reading

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What’s the matter with milk?

Superfood or poison? Nature’s gift to mankind, or yet another example of human beings’ dysfunctional relationship with Nature? A glass of milk brings more controversy, questions and confusion nowadays than it does nutrients. Raw or pasteurized? Organic or conventional? Cow … Continue reading

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