Eat Every Day Like It’s Earth Day

Earth Day is a great opportunity to remember and reflect, if only for a moment, on the symbiotic relationship between our planet and its inhabitants. Now, what if we could be present to it every day, and taste daily the scrumptious richness it gives our lives?

Eating presents us and our families with that wondrous opportunity several times a day. After all, food is our primal link with nature, with the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom; a link that we too often take for granted. Caught in the hustle-bustle and buzyness of life, we have shuffled and reshuffled our priorities so that what constitutes the very root–the core–of our physical existence and well-being on this planet has been thrown in the bottom drawer of our scattered minds. Better yet, being present to it, and honoring it, is perceived as a luxury or an oddity best left to wealthy snobs or to unrealistic, self-righteous eccentrics.

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Industrial Agriculture Cannot Feed The World

You’ve heard it many time: “Organic farming is a nice luxury, not a solution to world hunger.” Despite the many rebuttals offered time and time again, this conversation is not going anywhere. Scaremongers are not letting go, and for good reason: the survival of the current food system is at stake, i.e. the survival of a gigantic, powerful industry with deep pockets and a far-reaching influence into all the corners of the world.

This being said, I’ll gladly take on this argument here. The “hook”? This commentary about a recent Dutch study that concluded that organic farming produces 80 percent of the yield of conventional agriculture.

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The Biggest Cost Of Pesticides: Honeybee Colony Collapse

Haagen-Dazs has been running a campaign to raise awareness and research funds for the plight of bees.

After years of head-scratching, scientists from various horizons are coming to the same conclusion: pesticides are major culprits.

Grist gives an excellent overview of various studies recently published.

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FDA’s Lip Service On Antibiotics

It sounds so good: “Farmers and ranchers will for the first time be required to get a prescription from a veterinarian before using antibiotics in cattle, pigs, chickens and other animals, federal food regulators announced on Wednesday,” according to the New York Times.

What?! You mean that using antibiotics as an additive in the feed of industrial farm animals will soon be a thing of the past? You’re actually telling me that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has finally been taking seriously the stark findings of scientific studies on antibiotic-resistant “suberbugs” linked to the consumption of antibiotics-laced meat and animal products?

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