Awareness Index Up: Climate Change, Farm Workers Exploitation

Coalition of Immokalee Workers' demonstrators, Burger King protest, University of Florida campus, 2007.

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have determined that the accelerated increase in atmospheric nitrous oxide in the last few decades has been caused by synthetic nitrogen fertilizer use. In other words, The Science has spoken again, and established beyond the shadow of any remaining doubt that industrial farming is linked to climate change, that it is a major culprit in the global warming trend. Read more on Grist. Then sign this petition to demand the gradual conversion of farmland to agroecology, a form of agriculture that — among many good things — forfeits chemical inputs.

Now, here is a great article from Civil Eats about the work and progress made on the farm labor front in America. I’ve long been fascinated by the seeming blindness of “responsible” consumers who look for the “fair trade” logo on imported products but don’t have a thought for those who grow and produce their food at home. As awareness grows, change is definitely in the air. The inequalities inherited from the New Deal era legislation are moving frontstage, and farm workers are mobilizing and gaining support.

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