White House Proposes Slashing US Farm Subsidies

The perfect storm that may obliterate controversial farm subsidies is brewing. The federal budget crisis, together with the historically high agricultural income recorded in 2011, have led the Obama Administration to consider the obvious: big commodity growers don’t need the help of government subsidies. Farmers themselves have been speaking against such subsidies in recent weeks, denouncing what they consider to be a system benefiting Big Ag.

The White House announcement also echoes the recent proposals made by the heads of the Senate and House Committees on Agriculture to slash direct payments. Of course, not everyone is pleased with the announcement… Learn the detail in the articles linked below:

White House Proposes Slashing US Farm Subsidies (Dow Jones Newswire)

Obama: End unneeded $5 billion a year farm subsidy payment (Reuters)

USDA Budget Would Rise 2.5% on Subsidies Before Cuts Kick In (Bloomberg)

In California, the Secretary of Agriculture Karen Ross reminded the public today of the kick-off of California Farm Academy this coming Thursday. The State-funded program aims at developing the new generation of farmers through training and affordable access to farmland. I couldn’t help notice that Karen Ross emphasizes the importance of nurturing a diverse agricultural system, the role of farmland as wildlife habitat, and refers to new farmers asland stewards. She also especially welcomes the arrival of military veterans in the agricultural sector (for more on vets and farming, watch this interviewwith the director of the Farmer-Veteran Coalition.)

Opinion: Preserving California agriculture should be a top priority (Capitol Weekly)

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