No Nourishment To Be Found In Suffering

The Humane Society’s graphic footage of animal abuse at two industrial pig farms is making wave, and rightly so. The arrogance of the farms’ owners is unfettered, as they claim they’re not doing anything wrong, and are adhering to strict animal welfare guidelines—another way of saying that the same horrific scenes can be found at all other industrial pig farms in the country. The good news is that Walmart is getting involved, as the retail giant is eager to mitigate any damage caused to its brand and business by the bad rap of one of its pork suppliers. And so here’s the really good news: consumers do have the power to change the meat industry, and to have it improve its practices. It’s about animal welfare. It’s also about human welfare in a industry where the mistreatment of animals famously breeds the mistreatment of its workers.

Pig farms under fire after Humane Society investigation (Medill Reports)

Here’s an interesting turn of events in the child labor laws revision saga. After the farming community went up in arms against a measure that would threaten its traditions and way of life, with children routinely apprenticing on family farms, the Labor Department announced yesterday that it would “repropose” the new regulations, and allow for more public comment. Department officials said they were seeking a balance between protecting child workers in hazardous conditions and “respecting rural traditions.”

Find out more here: Heat from farmers results in rethinking of youth labor limits (The Washington Times) And here: Proposed farm exemption to child labor law welcomed (Knoxville News Sentinel)

Food security is high on the agenda of the Nigerian government. The Minister of Agriculture spelled out his goals to put an end to the country’s dependence on food imports, and to return the country to its better days as a food-sufficient food exporter. Unfortunately, he’s short on details as to how he intends to make that happen. Biotechnology and chemical inputs, oragroecological principles as detailed in the report of the U.N. Report to the Human Rights Council on agroecology and the right to food? Agriculture Transformation To Create 3.5m Jobs, Add 20m Tonnes Of Food — Minister(Leadership Newspapers)

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