In Search Of Good Food

Antonio Roman-Alcala

A couple of years ago, young San Francisco native and urban food activist Antonio Roman-Alcala decided to travel through California with a camera crew to seek some answers about the current state of the regional food system. How sustainable is it, truly, passed the glamorous facade of the astoundingly diverse, fresh, organic and local food landscape that the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer?

As it turns out, California, the nation’s biggest agricultural State, presents identical issues to everywhere else. Although it has been the scene of an emerging model built on sustainability principles, by and large it still has a very long way to go before it can boast a fair food chain that nurtures the environment instead of destroying it, supports its farmers instead of exploiting them, and truly enables local food-sheds through a thoughtful easing-up of regulations.

Antonio Roman-Alcala’s documentary “In Search Of Good Food” is finally completed. In the interview below, he tells us about his first film project, his discoveries and his hopes for a future of fairer food.

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  1. Just caught this on channel 27. Really, really good!

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