Reducing Food Waste

American journalist Jonathan Bloom is a pretty cool guy. Suffice to say he’s devoted his life to reducing waste in America. Food waste. The numbers are staggering. Americans waste 40% of their food, at an annual cost of 100 billion dollars. Jonathan’s book on the topic is here. And you can find a good summary is this great article from “Ode Magazine”.

I like to think that knowing these facts can help us understand how distorted the economics of food is. And how issues like food access and hunger require brand new approaches. What would happen if, on an equal or even inferior budget, we bought less food, better food (ie. fresh, pesticide-free, local) and consumed ALL of it? Would that disrupt the current food supply chain? I believe it would. Imagine a food market where quality trumps quantity! And what if all restaurants’ perishable food surpluses were converted into free meals for the needy at the end of each shift, instead of feeding the landfills?

Any thought? Please feel free to share what you think.

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