VIDEO : Peppers Rainbow

You can decide whether this cold scrumptious dish is an appetizer or an entree–just size it accordingly. Meanwhile, allow your mind to dance with the colors as you prepare it. And enjoy the silky, meaty texture of the roasted peppers. Their sweetness combines with the bitter, crunchy arugula to perfection.
Feta is optional–it adds fullness to each bite and a tangy note that sends your taste buds bouncing with delight.

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4 Responses to VIDEO : Peppers Rainbow

  1. Maryam says:

    Hi Laetitia! I think I might try this one :D Loving your blog.

  2. CAPUS Pascal says:

    attention au vinaigre balsamique! 99% de la production vendue en Europe est un ersatz de balsamique de Modène composé de caramel afin qu’il se rapproche du verissimo italiano.
    Bref, le balsamique c’est cher, très cher même, mais pas d’alternative….Bisous

    • Laetitia Mailhes says:

      Very good point, Pascal: most of the “Balsamic” vinegar on the market is a cheap imitation whose color and sweetness come from additives like caramel. Always check the ingredients label to know what you’re getting! Unfortunately, the real stuff is VERY expensive–although I recently found a GREEK Balsamic vinegar made exclusively from sun-dried Greek grapes; lovely yet more watery and acidic than what you would expect from Balsamic vinegar.
      At any rate, if you can’t do without the sweetness and dark color of Balsamic vinegar, here’s a suggestion for a delicious, cheap alternative: mix some pomegranate concentrate (like Carlo’s, 100% juice with no additives) to a light white wine or apple cider vinegar (or Greek Balsamic even ;)

  3. Quitterie Simon says:

    Waouh ! Berthille croit que tu es devenue actrice. Marie espère que tu nous feras ton gâteau de fruits secs/ fruits frais très vite et Mathilde…. a fait une over dose de poivrons au Canada mais te veut comme prof de cuisine ! Moi, c’est la recette de macarons, que j’attends !!!! et celle de ton muesli du matin…
    See you very soon.

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